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Please find a selection of successful projects below.  If you need help with any projects please get in touch.

Project | 01
Wiggle | Generated £1m to £3m in Monthly Revenue through Google Ads.

I was instrumental to the international growth of the world's online fitness store. I assisted in the launch from UK to an international stage. I identified key markets for expansion, namely in Australia and Japan and across Europe. I was one of the first people in the UK to set PPC ad automation software linking ad copy with price and stock changes on the website. This enabled Wiggle to scale its PPC exposure. Through careful management, consistent growth and adoption of the latest PPC techniques I was able to significally grow PPC revenue from just under £1m to £3m a month within just 2.5 years. 

Project | 02
Grapetree SEO
Grapetree |  Increased Orders by 40% through SEO of a New Website


I advised on the structure and content of the new Grapetree website to help improve SEO and UX, including the implementation of the new healthfoods menu. This included creating sitemaps, meta data, url structure, schema recommendations and copy review. Since the launch of the website they have seen a growth in ecommerce orders by 40%. Following the launch of the website I also supported through Google Shopping and SEO monthly management covering blog topics and new page suggestions to bring in traffic. 

Project | 03
Hobbycraft | Identified New Markets through a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

I was tasked with developing a new digital marketing growth strategy for the UK's leading craft retailer. This involved undertaking a complex audit of all digital marketing activity including PPC, SEO, Facebook and Pinterest. Conducing a competitor analysis and a review of search market trends. Through analysing the market and their performance I was able to identify a new market of inexperienced crafters which the website was not currently catering for. I then produced an indepth digital marketing strategy report detailing recommendations for website improvements and a new digital marketing campaign programme. This also included follow up consultancy with the digital marketing team.

Project | 04
FujiFilm |Achieved a high 33% click to install rate of Mobile App through Meta Ads 

I devised and implemented a new mobile app marketing launch strategy for the Fujifilm PopBook App which produced mini photobooks from Facebook/Instagram Feeds. This included setting up PPC and Paid Social ads across mobile display networks, Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Twitter Ads. The campaign was very successful, particularly strong on Facebook Ads, with a very high 33% click to install rate.

Project | 05
Emapsite | 141% Increase in Gross Margin per New Customer through Google Ads and SEO. 

I have been working freelance with Ordnance Survey Strategic Partner Emapsite for the last 3 years on digital marketing consultancy, strategy and management of Google Ads, Linkedin Ads and SEO.  We have seen great results over the last 3 years though continued optimisation of the website through onpage SEO and expansion of Google Ads and Linkedin Lead Gen campaigns. In the second year I delivered a 53% growth in Google Ads revenue increasing the ROAS for every £1 spent. 


Last year I was able to make this even better with a successful customer lifetime value strategy that didn't just focus on immediate ad revenue but actually analysed the length of the customer and their accumulative value. Through implementing this PPC and SEO strategy I was able to improve their gross margin per new customer by 141%.

Project | 06